This startup's technology is pushing movies into the stratosphere

2016 Revenue:
$1 million
Business Products & Services
New York CityNY 
$1.9 million

For Brian Streem, drones are simply a means to an end. A graduate of NYU's film school, Streem produced a number of commercials and independent films throughout his 20s. Then he saw a video online of a drone gliding through the air and realized the opportunity in front of him: The film industry needed this technology. "These entertainment companies are experts in whatever they do," says Streem. "They're not experts in flying, operating, and maintaining fleets of drones." In 2015, Streem co-founded Aerobo with Jeff Brink and began equipping powerful drones with high-tech cameras. (Brink has since left to pursue a separate career in the film industry.) The company, which owns its fleet and operates as a service for those who need aerial shots, was the first drone operator in New York state to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. It has already earned clients in Amazon, Netflix, and Fox, and footage its drones have filmed can be seen in movies including The Fate of the Furious. "I'm less interested in the drone, and more interested in being able to move a camera anywhere in three-dimensional space," says Streem. That's what fascinates me." -Kevin J. Ryan