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Black Clover Enterprises

Black Clover Enterprises, LLC, is primarily a wholesale premium lifestyle apparel company providing its retail-sales customers with unique headwear and premium lifestyle apparel, cutting-edge materials, and front-line trending styles and colors. Black Clover co-brands its premium products with its customers by providing in-house embroidery of customers' logos and names on the headwear and apparel, while each product bears the Company's trademarked slogans "Black Clover' and 'Live Lucky,' and its unique four-leaf clover. Black Clover's 'feel-good' branding sparks end-user emotions of hope, spirit, confidence, and, of course, luck, as well as pride in wearing its premium stylish headwear and apparel. 'Black Clover' and 'Live Lucky' have become synonymous with premium headwear and apparel which embodies feeling good, feeling lucky, with loyal end-users indicating that wearing our product has led to their catching bigger fish, playing better golf, driving faster in NASCAR (tm) races, having better hunting trips, and even surviving natural disasters. Everyone can use a little luck - and we're proud our premium-quality products offer this feeling in our patrons.

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Consumer Products
Michael Lichtie
Year Founded
Company Size
11-50 employees
Inc. Honors
Inc. 5000
No. 4732 (2019), No. 3978 (2018), No. 2067 (2017), No. 1436 (2016), No. 747 (2015)