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Brewer Enterprises

Brewer Enterprises Inc is the largest plumbing contractor in Arizona, providing plumbing for national, regional and local home-builders in the Phoenix and Tucson markets. We providing the plumbing in 1 of 4 new homes being built.. It is one of the Brewer Companies. We also service the residential market in Phoenix with our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing company and the commercial markets with Brewer Commercial Services. Here at Brewer we say "...We Support Living..." and how we do that is "...All Things Plumbing..." What this means is that we are focused on providing and maintaining high-quality plumbing systems so that we , as a society, can live in close proximity to one another. The second way we support living is providing our employees with a great place to work and grow in their careers in order to take care of their families.

Company Information
Phoenix, Arizona
Mike Brewer
Year Founded
Company Size
201-500 employees
Inc. Honors
Inc. 5000
No. 4617 (2019)