Brynn Putnam

Thanks to her, keeping fit at home is as easy as looking in your (smart) mirror.

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After ballerina Brynn Putnam hung up her pointe shoes at 26, she launched a fitness studio--Refine Method-- in a Russian Orthodox Church, using a cable tower she cobbled together from sailing lines and pulleys. In 2016, Putnam became pregnant but wanted to lead classes from home. She knew that she could build a gym using a single piece of hardware, but this time she went higher tech. Mirror is $1,495 interactive screen on a full-length mirror that projects live, on-demand workout classes for a $39 a month subscription and includes feedback based on biometric data that it gathers. Putnam has raised $38 million and has celebrity users including Alicia Keys, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Mirror recently launched a one-on-one personal training feature. “In the studio world, I could teach 20 people in an hour,” says Putnam. “With Mirror, we’re impacting tens of thousands of people on a daily basis.” --Zoë Henry