Cathrine Andersen

Her software helps businesses shave time from accounting tasks.

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Christian Rasmussen
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Three years ago, shortly after launching accounting automation startup Roger, Cathrine Andersen and co-founder Christian Rasmussen were pitching a bank on why it should recommend Roger to its small-business customers. The bankers laughed, saying it was “cute” that two 20-somethings thought they could change the way banks work. A year later, the bank reached out to the co-founders, saying many of their clients had linked their bank accounts to Roger’s tool. “They came crawling back,” Andersen says. “We’re getting them a lot of new business.” (The company doesn’t reveal revenue, but Andersen says it is growing by more than 30 percent a month.) Roger works on top of accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero, automatically pushing data through the system to save businesses time on tasks like paying bills, scanning receipts, and bookkeeping. One area in which she hopes to make more progress is encouraging other women to go into fintech. “There are too few,” she says. Andersen and Rasmussen previously co-founded cloud-based collaboration software company Assemblage, moving to the United States from Denmark after Cisco acquired the company in 2014. “We thought, if we can do that together for three years,” says Andersen, “why not start another thing?" --Graham Winfrey