Christina Stembel

With a lot of pluck, she has boot-strapped her way into the male-dominated flower-delivery industry.

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Christina Stembel didn’t start Farmgirl Flowers because she loved flowers. She was out to challenge an outdated, male-dominated industry. With just $49,000 of her own money, she knew she had only one shot at success. "I wanted to go big, I wanted it to get to hundreds of millions, a billion dollars,” she says. “So it needed to be a big industry. It also needed to be untapped." Flower arrangements and delivery checked those boxes. Since its founding in 2010, her online floral delivery service has grown roughly 50 percent annually, bringing in $23 million in revenue last year. Sales should reach $33 million in 2019. Now, her San Francisco-based company, which has 145 employees, is focused on national expansion. “If we wanted to be a very small regional company, we could still get it to probably $100 million,” she says. “But we're playing the long game.” --Brit Morse