Christine Moseley

She created an online marketplace for unwanted but edible produce.

San FranciscoCA 
Food Revolutionaries
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Watermelon, celery hearts, broccoli bits: There’s no shortage of food that goes to waste in America. In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration said the volume of such food in the U.S. totaled no less than 133 billion pounds. Christine Moseley saw this waste firsthand while visiting a romaine farm in Salinas, California, where only a fraction of the crop was harvested. That moment, which she calls heartbreaking, inspired the 2015 launch of Full Harvest, an online marketplace that connects growers’ imperfect produce with food and beverage buyers. “We helped growers increase their yield and profit by acre,” says Moseley, who spent 15 years in logistics and food retailing. Today, she and a global food brand are developing a plant-based snack made entirely of rescued produce, and she is proud to say that she’s doing her part in the fight against climate change. --Jill Krasny