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Corner Alliance

Being a government ally is at the core of all that we do. We believe in positively cont ributing to society by supporting government innovators in their missions to t ransform public safety, homeland security, and public health. We exist to help government work smarter. We are passionate about creating solutions that excite stakeholders, and experts in delivering outcomes that work within the “red tape.” With more than a decade of experience working with the public sector, we are versed the unique complexities of government service. We take a “yes, and” approach to progress. At Corner Alliance, your mission is our #1 priority. We hire talent that are civic-minded, so our staff has a predisposition to advancing government programs. Whether its managing programs, developing st rategy roadmaps, managing grants, or planning and implementing stakeholder engagements, we roll up our sleeves and partner with your team to execute actionable ideas that achieve results. We pride ourselves on adopting our clients’ mission as our own.

Company Information
Government Services
Washington, District of Columbia
Alan Pentz
Year Founded
Company Size
11-50 employees
Inc. Honors
Inc. 5000
No. 3674 (2019), No. 2862 (2018), No. 3382 (2017), No. 2618 (2015), No. 3432 (2014), No. 4300 (2013), No. 1903 (2012)