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Customized Energy Solutions

Customized Energy Solutions is committed to promoting economic development through the advancement of transparent, efficient, and nondiscriminatory wholesale and retail electricity and natural gas energy markets. We focus on empowering our clients by sharing our understanding of the workings of the energy markets and related new technologies and supporting our clients’ operations in those markets. Through all things, we desire to honor God and our clients through the quality of our services and solutions.

Company Information
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stephen Fernands
Year Founded
Company Size
51-200 employees
Inc. Honors
Inc. 5000
No. 4570 (2019), No. 4534 (2016), No. 4081 (2015), No. 3963 (2014), No. 4951 (2013), No. 2776 (2012), No. 2675 (2011), No. 1890 (2010), No. 1670 (2009), No. 359 (2008), No. 546 (2007)