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DataStream Market Intelligence

"What it does: Dispatches fleets of drivers (all of them independent contractors) to collect price-per-gallon data from gas stations across the country for major oil companies. Why it's growing: Oil companies use DataStream's reports to monitor their competition's prices. Co-founders Dan Davis and Bill Creath have developed a 15-point quality control system to ensure data integrity, and use Internet mapping software to help drivers find the speediest routes. To the moon: DataStream's drivers log 530,000 miles a month — the equivalent of driving to the moon and back and then driving around the world twice."

3-Year Growth
Owasso, Oklahoma
Year Founded
Company Size
1-10 employees
Inc. 5000 Rankings
No. 297 (2005), No. 256 (2004)
Data as of Publication on Aug. 11, 2020