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Doppler Labs

For reimagining wireless earbuds as the next frontier in computing.

Computer Hardware
San Francisco, California
Year Founded
Company Size
51-200 employees
Data as of Publication on Jun 13, 2017
Company Description

Why It's Disruptive

In the movie Her, humans interact with their computers, not using their hands and fingers but rather their voices and their ears to listen to their operating systems talk back. This is Doppler Labs' vision of the world, and that is why the San Francisco startup has developed the Here One wireless smart earbuds.

The Here One went on sale in February at a steep price of $299.99. The company justifies the price tag by pitching the device as something far more advanced than your standard earbuds. Equipped with numerous microphones and the processing power of a computer, Here One is capable of smart listening, allowing users to, say, tune out ambient noises and emphasize the voices they want to hear. The company is working on a feature it hopes will enable Here One to translate foreign languages in real time. Doppler Labs is betting that in the future, you will speak commands to your devices, and its earbuds will be the ones listening. 

Biggest Challenges

Taking on the crowded Bluetooth headphone space is no small task. For Doppler Labs to succeed, its Here One earbuds will have to go toe-to-toe with Apple, which began to ship its AirPod wireless earbuds late last year, to much acclaim. --Salvador Rodriguez