Drone MVP

Connecting those with drone-service needs with qualified pilots

Los AngelesCA 
School(s) Attended:
University of Southern California
 Photo Credit: Courtesy Company

The Pitch

Drone MVP is a platform that connects people who need drone services with the best pilots in their area. There is no easy way for pilots to showcase their skills or for clients to find quality pilots who can work at any time. The company charges less than existing solutions, prides itself on its amazing quality, and has the ability to edit what it films in a fast turnaround time. So far, Drone MVP has completed projects for real estate and indie film jobs. The company already has a network of the best pilots capable of completing any task. Content seekers can save money and pilots can earn profits. The opportunity for drones is now and the company is confident it will become a main player in the industry.


Drone MVP has created a large network of quality pilots, cinematographers, editors, and innovators who want to work in the drone industry. The company currently has very little costs as it most utilizes resources provided by the University of Southern California. In its first year, the company's revenue share exceeded 50 percent on almost every transaction. Drone MVP gained traction by completing independent jobs and securing larger deals with Sotheby's John Aaroe Group. An influential board of advisers--including actor Sylvester Stallone of Rogue Marble Productions, Steve Harris of Electric Gaming, and photographer Travis Geske of the Los Angeles Times--helps Drone MVP target industries the company wants to break into. Its content has been featured on Truila, Zillow, and Redfin. The company is currently in talks with indie filmmakers. 

Note: All data as of 1/31/17