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Edcor Data Services

Designs custom education benefit programs for employers to include with their overall employee benefits, such as tuition assistance and advisory services.

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Troy, Michigan
Adrienne Way
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51-200 employees
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Edcor provides industry-leading tuition assistance and advisory services for client employees and their dependants. Edcor’s innovative web-based solution provides high-quality, high-value service to our valued clients. Our transaction processing excellence, partnered with our client-centric advisory services, help companies link their tuition assistance programs with their overall benefit and education strategies.

Edcor’s Student Loan Repayment Assistance service assists forward-thinking companies in including student loan assistance as an integral part of their Education Benefit Program. Loan Repayment Assistance is a benefit that meets employees’ immediate needs. The benefit reduces turnover, attracts top talent and increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

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