Eileen Fisher

She's using her $500 million brand as an R&D lab for improving fashion's carbon footprint.

New YorkNY 
Fashion Forward
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Eileen Fisher knows the value of trash. Her eponymous fashion brand has been buying back and recycling old clothes since 2009. Today, under the rubric Waste No More, the company is transforming whatever fabric can’t be recycled into installations of wall hangings and interior design murals on view from Brooklyn to Milan. “We consider Waste No More to be a form of aesthetic activism--what many people consider waste, we consider beauty,” says Fisher. Ninety-seven percent of Eileen Fisher’s cotton and 91 percent of its linen are now organic. The company has also been conducting a process revamp; its goals include giving factories more production time, so more product can be shipped by boat, as opposed to air. What's more, Fisher embarked on research with Harvard University researchers to ensure that new purchasing practices don’t harm her suppliers’ employees. She hopes these efforts will inspire consumers to “acknowledge the tendency toward overconsumption in our culture and reevaluate their behavior." --Leigh Buchanan