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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions is a flexible, process-oriented organization with a well-developed and nimble decision-making infrastructure. Our programs are customized for each of our client programs and are competitive with those of our major competitors. Our Core values include Customer Focus, Integrity, Quality Service, and Thoughtful Action. We utilize a proprietary database that is client and candidate focused. This database allows us to move quickly and accurately while locating candidates by zip code, territory, regions, or by skill sets. We currently have over 300 internal recruiters with a 24/7 Recruiting model with 2 Recruiting hubs, both onshore and offshore to find and attract the quality of talent you are looking for, efficiently and with visible cost savings. We work with 47 MSP programs and over 100 clients in the Project/SI Sector and continue to grow. Our programs include organizations that are in the Healthcare, Aviation, Banking and Finance, Energy, Solar, Manufacturing, Electronics, Telecom, Insurance, R&D, Retail, Technology, Life Sciences, Casino, Pharma, and Automotive. What truly sets us apart from our competitors is our proven track record and ability to quickly place qualified industry professionals with exceptional metrics within the IT, Engineering, Non-IT, Professional, Non-Allied Healthcare, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, LI, Manufacturing, Call Center, Administrative, and Technical verticals. Enterprise Solutions provides “Best in Class” services and looks to be in the top five of ever program that we are on. Our core competency is the staffing process and we believe that we are successful versus the market based upon doing the “basics” well. Our focus is to deliver a great candidate and client experience while making the right fit on every placement. At Enterprise Solutions, we know that people make an organization. We also know it takes more than a resume to find the right fit. Many of our recruiting managers provide a unique insider’s perspective because of their previous work experience in the same industry.

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IT Services
Naperrville, Illinois
Umesh Ghai
Year Founded
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51-200 employees
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Inc. 5000
No. 1456 (2010)