Jaime Schmidt

She sold her personal care business. Now she invests in ventures of underrepresented entrepreneurs.

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Chris Cantino
 Photo Credit: Courtesy subject

After selling her personal care business, Schmidt’s Naturals, to Unilever in 2017, Jaime Schmidt was besieged by aspiring founders seeking advice. She could only do so many coffee dates. So she and Chris Cantino, her husband and business partner, decided to spend some of their Unilever money helping undersupported entrepreneurs—women and people of color--along the trajectory to success. Their first venture, the investment fund Color, launched last year and has backed, among others, the nut butter company Wild Friends and Bubble, an online marketplace for healthy foods. Then, in June, came Supermaker, a media platform that publishes articles about emerging brands with diverse founders as well as workplace trends and advice for both entrepreneurs and employees. “A big part of our success at Schmidt’s was the storytelling we did for the brand,” she says. Color and Supermaker are also partnering on a program of quarterly grants to help female and nonbinary founders. “It wasn’t as sophisticated when I started in 2010,” says Schmidt. “Now people are really serious about turning their passions into profits.” --Leigh Buchanan