Ju Rhyu

She burst onto the acne market with a Korean-beauty-inspired product.

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Dwight Lee, Andy Lee
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Early this year Ju Rhyu was thrilled when Target agreed to sell Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch pus-absorbing acne bandages in 700 stores. In May, she was ecstatic, and somewhat daunted, when the retailer more than doubled its order so it could supply 1,524 stores—and not two months before Mighty Patch was due to hit its shelves. “We had to place a manufacturing order before we got the official purchase order, so there was some risk there,” says Rhyu. “But we did it.” The beauty sampler business Birchbox offered Hero’s hydrocolloid patches, which create a moist environment for healing, on its site last year; this year, it included them in a special assortment for some Walgreens stores. Mighty Patch is also for sale in retailers American Eagle, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Neiman Marcus, Goop, and Anthropologie—all less than two years after debuting on Amazon. Rhyu—who discovered the patch in her native Korea, where she was working for Samsung—is now prepping two new products. One, also a patch, attacks developing pimples with microneedles made of hyaluronic acid and an acne-fighting ingredient. The other restores the skin post-pimple, meaning Hero now addresses every stage of the pimple life cycle. --Leigh Buchanan