Katherine Ryder

Her digital health clinic has given two million women access to on-demand health care.

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Kate Ryder is helping companies retain their most valuable asset: employees. New mothers who use Maven, the digital health clinic Ryder founded in 2014, are more likely to remain in the workplace, she says. The health app lets women connect with more than 1,500 health practitioners for a variety of services, including birth-control prescriptions, breast-milk shipping, and treatments for post-partum depression. Maven’s data shows that 90 percent of its users return to work on time after having a baby, compared with the national average of 57 percent. Its platform is available to individuals on a per-session basis, and also for companies and health plans looking to enrich their benefits. Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, is already on board. With more than $42 million in funding, Maven has helped more than two million people get access to health care. --Guadalupe Gonzalez