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Laura Behrens Wu

Shipping is less of a drag for e-commerce companies that use her software.

Laura Behrens Wu
Year Founded
San Francisco, California
The Platform Economy
Simon Kreuz
Data as of Publication on Sep 16, 2019
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When Laura Behrens Wu, now 28, was launching an online handbag store in 2013, she discovered that although technologies like Shopify or Stripe made e-commerce, sales, and billing easier, the one function that was still inefficient was shipping. “You either had to walk to the post office and do it yourself, or deal with outdated shipping providers,” says Behrens Wu. She and co-founder Simon Kreuz began building a platform that aggregates shipping options on an easy-to-use dashboard, letting customers select the best carrier for each package and fulfill their orders in the same place. Five years after launch, more than 35,000 companies use the site—including larger operators like Me Undies and Tuft & Needle, but also small and midsize businesses for which shipping is often a huge drag on time. Plus, Shippo’s scale lets it negotiate far better shipping rates than its smaller customers could ever get on their own. So far, the company has raised $29 million, and it is now handling upwards of $5 billion in merchandise a year. --Hannah Wallace

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