Lindsey Boyd

Looking for luxury in a laundry detergent? She sells hers in boutiques.

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Gwen Whiting
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Having handled corporate sales for Chanel, Lindsey Boyd knew that her clients hated taking their designer duds to the dry cleaner. But they had to, because mainstream detergents are far too harsh to wash these fabrics at home, and few eco-friendly products are effective at removing odors and stains. So along with one of her former Cornell classmates, Gwen Whiting, who had been working at Ralph Lauren, Boyd set out to fill an obvious void in the market: luxury detergents and cleaning products. “We wanted to turn a necessary domestic chore into a luxurious experience,” she says. Launched online in 2004 and now with products in boutiques worldwide and its own store, too, the New York-based Laundress is bringing an elevated laundry experience to the masses. Next up: Rolling out more stores in 2020. --Jill Krasny