Lisa Sedlar

She's making healthy food as easy to find as the local convenience store.

Food Revolutionaries
 Photo Credit: Courtesy subject

Lisa Sedlar was living in Boulder, Colorado, in the mid-aughts when she’d see fit college students returning from mountain bike rides grabbing Big Gulps and Snickers at the mini-mart. This disconnect inspired an idea: Why not launch a healthy corner store, where kale and farro salads and fresh pressed juices were on offer instead of junky snacks? The idea percolated during her seven-year stint as CEO of New Seasons, a naturalish grocery store chain in Portland, Oregon, and in 2012, she left to launch Green Zebra Grocery. The company--named after an heirloom tomato--was built to make healthy food accessible and convenient for everybody. There are three Green Zebras in Portland--a fourth opens this fall--and Sedlar is about to close a $10 million Series B funding round as she explores potential locations in Seattle, L.A., and the Bay Area. --Hannah Wallace