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$77 million
 Photo Credit: Ramona Rosales

Almost 10 years ago, Suhail Doshi founded Mixpanel, a near-unicorn analytics startup, when he was practically fresh out of college. Doshi learned how to navigate the professional world straight from the CEO position, alongside co-founder Tim Trefren (who only recently turned 30). Before too long, Mixpanel quickly reached $40 million in revenue, without "doing a lot of explicit sales," according to Doshi. "There were a lot of growing pains," Doshi recalled. "But we also had a little bit of luck. And the luck was that we ended up building a product that people really, really loved." Doshi hit on the right idea at the right time, and he managed to convince the boss of a company where he'd interned to invest. That boss happened to be Max Levchin, one of PayPal's legendary co-founders. With Levchin's help and a stint in Y Combinator, Doshi and Trefren set out to revolutionize the business world's data expectations. Now you couldn't just measure page views and call it good--Mixpanel and its peers opened up a world of user engagement data that changed how software products were created and judged. It's a far different set of challenges from what he'd envisioned: Once, Doshi's goal was a $90,000 salary as an Intel engineer. --Sonya Mann