Nichole Mustard

This San Franciscan has guided Credit Karma's U.K. launch through the craziness of Brexit.

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Last November, 12-year-old personal finance giant Credit Karma announced that it was expanding to the United Kingdom by acquiring Noddle, a British credit monitoring service. The move thrilled Nichole Mustard, Credit Karma’s co-founder and chief revenue officer. As the woman helming the expansion, which kicked off in April, she could finally return to her entrepreneurial roots and build something from scratch. The benefits of founding experience, scale, and financial stability--none of which she had when Credit Karma launched just before the financial crisis--have helped her quickly assert Credit Karma’s place in the U.K. despite the economic uncertainty of Brexit. She’s done so by making all of Credit Karma U.K.’s services free, as they are in the United States, and by ramping up marketing, almost doubling the company’s month-over-month investment in June and July. The company is hiring, too, with plans to expand staff by a third to more than 100 by the end of 2019. As fulfilling as the experience has been, Mustard is already looking for a successor so she can return to San Francisco, where her wife and four children remain. “Sometimes, there’s a challenge with pursuing what makes you happy in your career,” she says. “There’s no perfect road map for that kind of stuff.” --Cameron Albert-Deitch