Nicky Goulimis

Moving abroad shouldn't shred your credit history. Her startup helps keep it intact.

Company name:
Nova Credit
San FranciscoCA 
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Misha Esipov, Loek Janssen
Nicky Goulimis.  Photo Credit: Courtesy subject

When Nicky Goulimis moved from the U.K. to the U.S. in 2014 to pursue an MBA at Stanford, she couldn’t bring her credit history with her. Getting a credit card took more than a year. In 2016, Goulimis and her co-founders—both of whom are also immigrants—launched Nova Credit to help immigrants transfer their credit histories to the U.S. The startup, which splits its headquarters between New York City and San Francisco, partners with financial institutions and lenders that use credit scores to grant loans or approve leasing applications. While the Trump administration’s strict immigration policies haven’t helped business, Goulimis and her team only feel emboldened. “This adds a lot more emotional weight to the work that we do,” she says. Investors have also stepped up. Last year, Nova Credit raised a $16 million Series A round, bringing its total funding to nearly $20 million. --Guadalupe Gonzalez