Nicole Gibbons

Her online tool is reinventing the way consumers select and shop for paints.

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After 10 years at Victoria’s Secret, Nicole Gibbons left her position as director of public relations to re-create herself as a design expert. Inspired by Martha Stewart’s business model, Gibbons built on her credentials as a blogger, landing gigs as a design expert on television shows like OWN’s Home Made Simple, where she helped people redesign their living spaces. One of the most common renovation struggles, she found, was paint. “There are literally more than 100 whites to choose from, which is bananas,” says Gibbons. So she created the Clare Color Genius, an online tool that asks customers questions about the space they are painting, creates a highly curated palette, and ships adhesive swatches (no more mini-cans of samples) to the customer’s home. With $4 million in capital from Warby Parker and Harry’s founder Jeff Raider and two of Casper Mattress co-founders, Neil Parikh and Luke Sherwin, Gibbons plans to change the way we shop for paint. --Tim Crino