Company Profile

Reliant Foodservice

Since the first day of business in 1996, the focus for Reliant Foodservice has been on helping our customers be more successful. Due to this commitment, Reliant has developed into one of the leaders in customized distribution for the foodservice industry. Personalized service, innovative and responsive approach has earned us the business and respect of some of the leading retailers in our market. Offering many of the nation’s leading brands, Reliant Foodservice continues to expand and diversify its product lines to keep up with current market trends.

Company Information
Food & Beverage
Temecula, California
David Canada
Year Founded
Company Size
51-200 employees
Inc. Honors
Inc. 5000
No. 4884 (2019), No. 3634 (2018), No. 3042 (2017), No. 3150 (2016), No. 2414 (2015), No. 2044 (2014), No. 2038 (2013), No. 2297 (2012)