This founder turned doggy daycare into a $300 million business

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$91.5 million

Philip Kimmey wasn't planning to drop out of college. But the allure of a great idea--Uber for dog care, essentially--pulled him away, and he hasn't looked back. The year: 2011, the summer after his junior year studying computer science at Washington University in St. Louis. The setting: a startup weekend in his home city of Seattle. That's where Kimmey met his co-founder, Greg Gottesman, an experienced venture capitalist. Gottesman brought the idea, and Kimmey brought the tech savvy to build the platform. As soon as the weekend was over, the pair knew they had something: Kimmey was working on the project full time by Tuesday. "My parents never let us have a dog, but I've been a lifelong dog lover," Kimmey says. "So the idea and the mission immediately resonated with me." The company was officially born that September, with former Microsoft general manager Aaron Easterly joining as CEO and the third co-founder. Need a local sitter, walker, or someone to check in on your dog while you're at work? Pull up the app. The company has since grown to almost 200 employees--along with the 50 dogs who tag along daily to work--and recently acquired its biggest competitor, DogVacay. Woof! -Cameron Albert-Deitch