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Simplex Healthcare

Through its Diabetes Care Club division, Simplex Healthcare provides delivery of medical supplies by mail to patients with diabetes. Its growth is attributable in part to the rise of diabetes diagnoses: in the U.S., 23.6 million children and adults have diabetes and another 1.6 million are diagnosed each year. The company plans to expand its product lines to address all complications of diabetes, as well as other chronic conditions. In 2009, it launched CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) Care Club to serve patients with sleep apnea. Because those with diabetes often suffer from sleep apnea, CPAP Care Club helps Simplex's current patients as well attracts new ones. Also last year, Simplex was the largest donor to Healing Hands, donating more than $1.2 million in diabetes-treatment supplies for the organization to distribute to patients in third-world countries.

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Franklin, Tennessee
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201-500 employees
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Inc. 5000
No. 186 (2010), No. 335 (2009), No. 624 (2008)