Suzy Batiz

Her product is the answer to a problem that everyone has but nobody wants to talk about.

All Things Consumer
 Photo Credit: Courtesy subject

Suzy Batiz had already been bankrupt twice when she launched Poo-Pourri in 2007. She went to market with her creation--a spray that uses essential oils to trap toilet odor--backed by $25,000 of her own money. Twelve years and 60 million bottles later, the Dallas-based company still hasn’t taken any outside investment. “I’ve been very particular about my brand,” Batiz says. “I’ve not wanted to give up control to someone who could come in and have a say-so.” And the brand is powerful. After maintaining cult status for years, it recently entered mass-market stores like Target and Walgreens, and international sales doubled in the past year. (Poo-Pourri had $63 million in revenue in 2018, and is expecting $100 million in 2019, according to the company.) As competitors enter the field, the brand is stepping up its taboo-shattering marketing this fall with, among other campaigns, a 30-foot-tall inflatable poo emoji that will tour the country. And it doesn’t stop with poop: The company also offers a foot-odor spray called Shoe-Pourri and is developing other product lines. In October 2018, Batiz launched sister company Supernatural, which sells cleaning products also made with essential oils. Still, she says, her ultimate goal is simple: “Global poo domination.” --Sophie Downes