Talia Frenkel

With a buy-one-give-one model, her company, now owned by P&G, makes its period products available to girls and women who once had to do without.

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Talia Frenkel can’t pinpoint the moment she knew she wanted to help needy girls and women gain access to sexual and period products—she just instinctively felt it had to be done. “An anger arose in me,” says the former photojournalist. “There was a lot of talk about strengthening the collective power of women and girls, but when it came to sex and periods, it was as if the conversation stopped." Frenkel had spent nearly a decade working with the Red Cross and the United Nations documenting humanitarian crises in countries like Cambodia, but she had no background in business, technology, or consumer product goods. So, she says, she “naively started” This Is L. with the goal of creating organic, affordable goods that women would actually want to display. “The L represents the love that is at the core of each product,” says Frenkel, who initially sold a condom to protect women and girls from HIV and AIDS. This year, L expanded its line to include light organic tampons and fragrance-free organic wipes. With its products now sold in more than 5,000 stores across the U.S. as well as online, This Is L.--acquired earlier this year by Procter & Gamble for an undisclosed sum--also partners with women entrepreneurs in more than 20 countries to improve product accessibility. --Jill Krasny