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WindiGo Turbines

Maker of efficient wind turbines to reduce energy cost and emissions

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Year Founded
Company Size
1-10 employees
Data as of Publication on Feb 12, 2016
Company Description

The Pitch

A team from Drexel University set out to create WindiGo Turbines to make wind energy the most efficient source of renewable energy. The startup finalized its wind turbine prototype earlier in March, aiming to develop a product that allows companies to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions. WindiGo's modular turbines can be adapted to different environments and customer needs through app integration and a sensor-based optimization. Its turbines will have an energy savings potential of more than $6,000 for customers, in addition to a carbon offset of up to 20 tons. WindiGo plans to initially offer its product to small businesses and make power purchasing agreements with larger enterprises, while also taking an active role in educating consumers on the technology so as to eventually enter the residential market. The company’s long-term goal is to expand its services, providing financing, installation, manufacturing, and maintenance.


WindiGo plans to launch its service in October. Its turbines with an expected power output of 1 kilowatt will be priced at $1,000--or $1 per watt, less than half the cost of solar--plus installation costs of up to $2 per watt, depending on clients’ existing infrastructure. WindiGo Turbines aims to reduce the return on investment period to between four and six years; for many green energy products, ROI often takes more than a decade. The prerevenue company, which won first place in the Tech2gether and Drexel Startup Day Business Pitch competitions, is currently in the process of raising investment funds.