If there is an area where innovation is happening quickly in the start-up world, it is that of healthcare. Disruption is taking place at a break-neck pace and patients are experiencing the immediate benefits. There is no doubt that it's a good time to be a healthcare entrepreneur.

Enter Bimla Picot, Founder & CEO of Reboundwear, a company that creates functional, yet stylish post-surgery clothing. During a recent conversation, she highlighted how watching her family recover from painful injuries motivated her business venture and her desire to disrupt the healthcare system in a meaningful way.


Project Entreprenuer: What inspired you to start your business?
I realized that, with today's technology, surgery is seamless but the recovery period is often long and arduous. After caring for friends and family who struggled with cancer, orthopedic surgery, and life in a senior home, I knew I had to put my design skills to work and create Reboundwear, a line of clothing to make dressing easier for the millions of people who struggle with this task.

What's been the biggest challenge you've faced so far?
I've heard it hundreds of times: "I wish I had had your clothing during my chemo treatments" or "after my surgery..."

When we first launched, customers would contact us to say how helpful the clothing is, but they couldn't understand why their doctors and physical therapists hadn't told them about Reboundwear. Now, little by little, medical professionals and therapists have been reaching out to us to inquire about carrying our information in their pre-op packages or waiting rooms.

What is the biggest thing you'd like to see changed in your industry, and how are you working toward making that change happen?
Reboundwear straddles 2 industries: Fashion and healthcare.

Our current healthcare system is like an aging, decaying dam, and each step the government has taken to update it over the years has achieved little more than putting band-aids on it. More worrisome is that healthcare has become a huge industry where patient care and outcomes seem like an afterthought for policy makers and insurance companies. But the current model is unsustainable. We are now at a time when we are experiencing tectonic societal shifts and themes throughout our culture are calling for social responsibility.

The inefficiencies of healthcare and patient care are mind-boggling, and thus Reboundwear was inspired by the desire to improve the patient experience in and out of the hospital. Our clothes make it less stressful and reduce heavy labor for both the amazing health aides and their vulnerable patients. It is practical, easy, and psychologically positive for a patient to be wearing fashionable, comfortable clothing that instills an experience of health and wellness as opposed to hospital gowns that convey a sense of sickness.

Who or what motivates you to keep going, even when things get tough?
Improving the lives of others has been at the core of my personal mission since I was a Girl Scout. I am passionate about Reboundwear because my clothing will make a real difference in the daily routines of millions of people. I have had many opportunities to see friends and family wearing the clothing while recovering from injuries, surgeries, and cancer, and I have witnessed the synergy between looking great and feeling better. The grateful feedback and reorders I receive from customers give me tremendous energy to continue growing Reboundwear.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to another entrepreneur just starting out?
A lot of passion, guts, kindness, confidence, and a good sense of humor go a long way too. And don't forget, in most things we create in life, whether it be building a business, raising a family, starting a charity or other organization, it takes a village. Always give what you hope to receive.

This article originally appeared on the Project Entrepreneur website and has been condensed for clarity.