If you had to choose between purpose and profit, which would you select? At times, it can feel like you must pick between one or the other. But Nelson Rivera, a PuroClean franchise owner based in Morristown, New Jersey, found a way to choose both.

"As a PuroClean franchise owner, my job is to be a source of hope for the community and serve people when they're faced with unexpected damage to their homes," Nelson says. "I've been fortunate to give back to others while building a successful business in a profitable industry like restoration."

Start with Passion

When Nelson wasn't serving as a firefighter, he worked as a technician at a PuroClean franchise location. With PuroClean's unparalleled support system, which includes a state-of-the-art training facility, in-market support and online training courses, Nelson learned the ins and outs of restoring homes after water, fire and other conditions resulting in property damage. 

Along the way, Nelson discovered a genuine passion for helping others when faced with disaster. "I have a deep compassion for every single person who called us for help," Nelson says. "As a PuroClean franchise owner, I support homeowners as they recover from the shock of disaster."

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In 2019, Nelson chose to pursue his dream of opening his own business while giving back to his community. He was no longer an employee for a PuroClean location; he was now the owner of PuroClean of Morristown. 

Live by Servant Leadership

Following PuroClean's core value of servant leadership, Nelson worked tirelessly to not only complete tough jobs with expertise, but also to provide comfort and peace of mind to customers during their times of need. In less than a year, Nelson and his team's relentless customer service paid itself in kind. 

"One customer thought of us for a job because of their best friend's recommendation," recalled Nelson. "Their friend talked highly of how willing and ready we were to jump in at any given moment to help. It wasn't just our work that impressed them - it was our dedication to making their lives better, one house at a time."

Go above and Beyond the Job Description

"People are finding out about us through word of mouth - not because we have the most advertisements and flyers, but because we go the extra mile in helping the community and giving back to the neighborhoods we serve," Nelson says. 

Nelson and his team have gifted presents to local hospitals, volunteered for local charities and more. When Newark, New Jersey was faced with a water crisis and residents were unable to access tap water, Nelson and his team loaded up their PuroClean vehicle, drove into town and passed out water to residents for the entire day.

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"The most rewarding part of being a PuroClean franchise owner is that I can give the profit from the business back into the community," Nelson says. "I love showing my daughters the right thing to do when you're building success." 

One of the fastest-growing franchises in the United States, PuroClean works with individual franchise owners to build a profitable business while simultaneously giving back to the community during its times of need. With strong support systems in place to equip franchise owners with the tools and expertise for success, PuroClean has been recognized with countless accolades for its leadership and innovation within franchising. 

With the comprehensive training and support system in place to set franchise owners up for success, PuroClean is the perfect opportunity to run a business that combines profit and purpose.