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Answer by Jenny Haeg, Founder of CustomSpaces.com, on Quora:

We actually just launched a new site that allows anyone to browse through photos of unique and inspirational tech company and startup office space. (Office Space Photos).

Here are the 20 most popular office spaces on our site so far:

1. GitHub
The most popular office space on our site by a nose (see #2 below). If you haven't heard about the GitHub space yet or haven't seen the photos, you need to click through to check it out. It's incredible. Yes, their reception area is a replica of the Oval Office.

[More photos: GitHub Office Photos]

2. Airbnb
Another incredibly creative space. Highlights includes an atrium that has to be seen to be believed, and a replica of the original apartment where Airbnb was founded.

[More photos: Airbnb Office Photos]

3. Google San Francisco

[More photos: Google Office Photos ]

4. Twitter

[More photos: Twitter Office Photos ]

5. Dropbox

[More photos: Dropbox Office Photos ]

6. Quora

[More photos: Quora Office Photos ]

7. Instagram

[More photos: Instagram Office Photos ]

8. Facebook

[More photos: Facebook Office Photos ]

9. Box

[More photos: Box Office Photos ]

10. Rdio

[More photos: Rdio Office Photos ]

11. Yammer

[More photos: Yammer Office Photos ]

12. Path

[More photos: Path Office Photos ]

13. Runway

[More photos: Runway Office Photos ]

14. Optimizely

[More photos: Optimizely Office Photos ]

15. Asana

[More photos: Asana Office Photos ]

16. Giant Pixel

17. Lithium

[More photos: Lithium Office Photos ]

18. Skype

[More photos: Skype Office Photos ]

19. Razorfish

[More photos: Razorfish Office Photos ]

20. Adobe

Full disclosure: I'm the founder of Custom Spaces and also run a commercial real estate firm that specializes in representing tech companies with their offices space needs in San Francisco and the South Bay.

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Published on: Oct 5, 2015