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Answer by Lukas Schwekendiek, life coach, motivational speaker, and blogger, on Quora:

  1. Remove ALL apps from your phone. You are not even using the productivity apps or the notes on your phone. Throw out everything. Period. Use your phone for calling and messaging people. That is all. Get away from your phone as much as possible. It is a tool, not your best friend.
  2. Clean your space. There is no reason to have a messy home. All it does is it makes you sulk even more. Keep a clean home and a clean working area and you will simplify your day a lot.
  3. Clean yourself. Be proud, happy, and excited when you walk out the door in the morning. But even if you don't go outside, still keep yourself in top shape. Not for anyone else--for yourself.
  4. Eat more greens. There is enough going on in your life that you shouldn't have to worry about your health, your body, and your fitness as well. Keep it as simple as you can and help yourself as much as possible.
  5. Drink more water. Your brain needs all the oxygen it can get. Drinking more water increases the transmission of oxygen to your brain, which makes it a lot simpler to think faster.
  6. Do what can be done in 2 minutes right away. Get the small stuff out of the way right away. Don't wait until whatever it is gets so big and important that you have to do it and that it creates stress.
  7. Complete organizational tasks right away. All that government stuff and all the work-related stuff you do not want to do. Get that done right away. You don't want to do it, but you know you have to eventually, so you might as well do it as soon as you receive the task.
  8. Check your messages 1-2 times a day, and no more. Unless it is your job, do not check your messages more often. And, if you really want to simplify your life a lot, then you pick a time to message people, even your friends. Make working easy by ignoring IMs and calls until a time you chose.
  9. Get up early. Even if you are a person who works better at night, if you wake up early you will get more stuff done. It is theoretically impossible that all successful people are morning people, and yet they are. That means that there must be a reason to wake up earlier instead of staying up later. Copy the ones that are doing it right.
  10. Go to bed early. To make it easier for you to get up, to avoid the random parties you regret going to, and to stop yourself from drug and alcohol abuse, do yourself a favor and go to bed early. Going to bed at 10 PM means you can get up at 5 AM and start your day before the sun even gets up.
  11. Start over on your email. Create a new email address. Don't even bother unsubscribing to everyone. Just get a new email address and start giving it out to the most important people. You will have to check 2 email addresses for awhile, but soon you will have one with ALL the important stuff in one place, and another email to give to all the unimportant newsletters.
  12. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Completely stop. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  13. Throw out your TV. Do it to fight all the negativity. All the bad news, all the commercials telling you you are not good enough, and all the dramas. Just throw it out entirely.
  14. Go outside. Take a walk outside. Even if it's just for 10 minutes a day. Get out of any stressful environment. We all know the feeling of having a lot of tension in the room. It happens when we work a lot and get into a bad mood. Get away from that environment and go outside to recharge completely.
  15. Smile. Leave a better environment in your wake by smiling more often. Smiling releases the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine. Having a better mood is always simpler and easier than walking around depressed or angry.
  16. Listen to uplifting music. Get into an even better mood by listening to amazing music. Listen to it as often as you possibly can and really get invested in it. Create a better mood, remove all the stress from feeling negative, and have more fun.
  17. Be honest. Be brutally honest with everyone, especially yourself. Tell people what you really think and tell yourself what you really need to do. This will bring about change and a lot more simplicity in your life.
  18. Remove unnecessary friends. This is probably the single best tip to simplify your life. Anyone who is not making you feel better, is not empowering you, and does not want you to be your absolute best should not be worth your time. Basically, if you can think about removing them from your life, then do it.
  19. Say no. Say no to all the bullshit things you do. Say no to watching TV, playing video games, eating candy, eating chips, drinking alcohol, and all of the other bad things out there. Really say it out loud to remove it from your life.
  20. Say yes. But say yes to all the amazing things as well. Say yes to working hard, to enjoying life, to going out with your friends, to falling in love, to working out, to eating healthy, to drinking water, to goofing around, and to all the other incredible things in your life. Say it out loud! "YES! I will live an amazing life!".

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