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Answer by Dorie Clark, Duke professor, author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, on Quora:

Over the past five years, I've interviewed well over three hundred top leaders across a spectrum of different fields. What I learned - as I describe in this Harvard Business Review piece - is that fundamentally, building a strong and recognizable personal brand comes down to three key elements.

Content creation. If other people don't know what your ideas are, then you can't be recognized for them. It's as simple as that. You can share your ideas in lots of ways - blogging, podcasting, video, speeches - but somehow, you have to let others in on how you see the world. ("She's really making a lot of sense!") That's what attracts them to you and helps you build your reputation. I began blogging regularly in 2010 and have written more than five hundred pieces since then. It took two to three years to start seeing real results (i.e., inbound inquiries) as a result of my writing, but the branding payoff over time has been substantial.

Social proof. This is a term from psychology that essentially refers to your credibility. In a busy world, people aren't going to spend a lot of time evaluating your ideas if they're not sure you're credible. The fastest way to establish that is to lasso yourself to brands they already recognize, whether it's blogging for a name-brand publication, becoming a leader of your professional association, etc. I focused on blogging early on after I launched my business, and it was enormously helpful to me to be able to associate with the Huffington Post (the first publication I started writing for), and later for the Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

Your network. Finally, your network is essential in developing a strong personal brand. That's because 1) you're judged by the company you keep; 2) they can provide useful feedback, ideas, and perspectives; and 3) those people can become early evangelists, helping spread the word about you and your work.

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