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Answer by Dandan Zhu, Top Billing Headhunter, Career Coach, CEO and Founder, Dandan Global, on Quora:

Earn, save, invest.

This is the basic formula for a lifetime of wealth, stability, excitement, happiness, and meaning.

Too many people rail against the pursuit of wealth because it is hard to attain. For those who can't achieve financial freedom, they obsess about how horrible the capitalist system is, why greed is bad, and make excuses for why their poverty is morally righteous.

The reality is that, without a basic level of financial security, one simply can't say they're happy! You're honestly lying to yourself. If you can't eat, live comfortably, and know that tomorrow you're taken care of, how can you honestly convince others that you are happy?

When people have financial freedom:

You can now unleash the full power of your potential upon the world and bless society with your talents.

Only when you possess full financial power, will you be able to spread, influence, and engage others in making the world a better place by doing what you truly want to do, instead of being forced to work to make a living.

If you're too busy working a 9-5, living paycheck to paycheck, and constantly being bogged down by your daily stressors, you can't possibly have the time, energy, or emotional stamina to maximize your talents, whether that's in art, inventing, entrepreneurship, teaching, business, public service, or music.

Changing the world is a hard task. If you don't possess a higher caliber of humanity and capability, you won't be able to move others.

You may be the most morally sound, philosophically superior, talented, and kindest person alive, but if you don't wield any financial power, you will live and die, 99% of the time, in blinding obscurity.

Without financial might, all your hopes, beliefs, and dreams are confined to your very limited scope of influence. Thus, to achieve what you want, you'll always have to keep these 3 factors within the Financial Freedom Trifecta in mind.

#1. Earn a lot. Find a career/job that you excel at and maximize your earning potential within that vertical. For ideas, check this out.

#2. Save a lot. Don't get sucked into keeping up with the Joneses. This is how you get trapped within the rat race. If you can't manage to save any of your earnings, there isn't a lot of financial power to speak of. Get your life together, keep your living costs well below what you need, and get ahead of the game.

#3. Invest a lot. Learn about the various tools of investing. Whether your poison is stock trading, crypto-currencies, real estate, or entrepreneurship, understand the pros and cons of each type of investment and how that will help you achieve your financial dreams.

If everyone in society behaved more like an investor and producer, rather than a mass-market consumer, there is no doubt the world will be a kinder, more thoughtful, and more moral place.

Imagine a world where you can do what you really want to do at a young age. You'll be able to fully devote your time and efforts into your art, music, business, or inventions to make our planet a better place.

Self-attained financial power will help you get there. To be who you want to become, you must undertake the necessary journey of building the future you want. If you don't have a trust fund, become your own rich parent by making something of yourself, starting off with financial wealth accumulation.

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