What are the best things to do at a job interview to maximize your chances of getting the job? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Answer by Tessa White, Founder and CEO of SHE Team, on Quora:

I tell people to follow a simple formula: 1, 2, 3. Be prepared in the interview with one weakness, two personal unique facts about yourself, and three examples of strength. With each example, make sure to have a short personal story to illustrate the point. If you are prepared with these things, you will find you can plug them into almost any of the most common interview questions you will be asked--What is your greatest strength? What is a time you are professionally proud of? What would your boss say is your greatest strength? What do you have to offer this company and why do you think we should pick you? --All of these questions can be answered by an example of a strength, for instance.

The other piece I'd recommend to make your interview "sing" is to understand that there are Good, Better, and Best answers. A good answer is that you have an answer:

What is your greatest strength? I'm great with customers (Good).

A better answer helps me create a personal connection to you and with an example added, makes me BELIEVE you.

"I'm great with customers. An example of this is when I got a call from a customer that said she had talked to 3 others who had just transferred her to other agents. I took the problem, listened to her and ended up being able to credit her account for $27. She thanked me for really listening and wrote a letter to my manager thanking me for going above and beyond" (BETTER answer-- I believe you!)

The best answers tie it off with a bow for the employer by telling them how they can expect you to utilize that skill in this new job.

Use story above. Then add, "What you can expect from me is that I will look hard for solutions to problems and not just pass it along to others to solve. I am a person who will be accountable to my deadlines and assignments."

People that understand these simple concepts do very well in interviews and they, in turn, stand out. Instead of a hiring manager saying , "I like the one that's good at customer service (said nobody ever, by the way) they will say, "I like the one who refunded $27 to that lady". Never miss an opportunity to create a human connection with an example that shows what you are capable of!

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