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Answer by Lukas Schwekendiek, life coach, motivational speaker, YouTuber, blogger, on Quora:

When you're looking into getting in contact with experts in your field, always think about the other person's perspective.

Imagine the experts who are seeing an email from you. They are very busy, have a lot to deal with, and some random person just messages them wanting to connect. Most of the time, these experts will not have the time to even read the message, much less reply or do anything with it, since they are not at a stage where they have the liberty to waste time.

So, what can you do to actually get into contact with them?

1. Know where they are. Most experts will spend time on social media trying to get their businesses known. They will try to promote themselves through tweets, videos, and Facebook. If you comment on their social media activities, they will be more likely to answer you, seeing as they want to uphold their good images.

The bigger the experts are in their fields, the next step is going to be, but you will get more value from them.

2. Giving them enough value. Every interaction is based on an exchange of value. I give you value and you give me some. When you talk to friends, you exchange equal amounts of social interaction, and when you buy something, you exchange equal value with money and product. So when you want an expert to help you out, to network with you and to talk to you, know that they will give you way more value in a normal interaction.

It is because of this that you need to find a way to equal that value. If you can give them even more value, then they will be inclined to try to balance this as well. This means, the higher the value that you seek, the more effort it will take.

3. Persist. When you give value to these experts, through whatever means, it may not be enough at first for them to even notice. But as long as you persist and consistently give them more and more, they will notice. And once they notice, you can be sure they will get into contact with you.

So if you cannot find one thing that will give them enough value, do a million things that give them small value. It will be just as beneficial to them.

Some top social media sites where you will find experts are:

  • Facebook groups: Facebook can be a business tool as well as a personal tool. The groups on Facebook range from casual groups that are created on a whim to professional mastermind groups where you have to pay to get in. Finding some groups with experts shouldn't be too difficult, as there are thousands of groups regarding every topic. All you need to do thereafter is comment, message, and aid the people in this group in order to get noticed.
  • YouTube videos: Most everyone is doing YouTube nowadays, which is why it is one of the easiest ways to build a following as a startup entrepreneur or expert. You will find a lot of different Experts from all levels present on YouTube making videos. To get into contact with them, keep commenting and sharing their videos to give them more clicks, which gives them more value.
  • Other sites like Twitter, Linkedin, and Quora: The same goes for other sites that are free to use and have a large amounts of people visiting every day. These sites are used by all kinds of people, and the best way to give value to the respective experts is to share, comment, like, and view their content as much as possible. If you do this for long enough and consistently enough, it will be enough to get into contact with them. Just remember, the higher you aim, the longer it will take.

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