What are some simple tips that can help people have stronger and more successful relationships? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Answer by Kristie Overstreet, Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist, Author, on Quora:

We tend to make relationships more complicated than they have to be. The biggest mistake most people make is they expect their partner to change or they try to change their partner. Since you can't change anyone, the goal is to focus on what you can do differently to improve the relationship. Your ability to focus on changing and improving yourself is the best chance you have at seeing the relationship improve.

You can have a list of 100 tips but what matters the most is that you put them into practice. Here are my favorite tips that will help improve your relationship.

1. Speak to your partner the way you want to be spoken to. It is simple yet effective. If you don't appreciate your partner raising their voice when they talk to you then don't do the same thing to them. Just because you change your delivery doesn't guarantee they will, but it's the best way to create the potential of change in their behavior.

2. Make sure you are a healthy individual and responsible for your 50% in the relationship. Do you need to work on your personal growth? Are you bringing your best self to the relationship? You are only responsible for you so make sure you focus on what you need to improve and not what your partner needs to change.

3. Keep your relationship fun and adventurous. This looks different for each couple but it is essential for a successful relationship. Think back to when you were dating, you probably had a lot more fun than you do now. Figure out how to bring adventure back into your relationship. Whether it's trying a new activity on the weekend that you find exciting or creating a couples bucket list together.

4. Prioritize quality time in your relationship. You are not too busy to make time for your partner. Successful relationships prioritize their time together. Making time to spend together doesn't have to look the same each week. For example, you schedule a date with your partner and take a picnic to the park or try a new restaurant. The setting matters less than your commitment to giving time to your partner.

5. Stop spending time on your phone and social media. When you're spending time with your partner put your phone away. Stop scrolling through your social media accounts and be present. Leave your phone in another room. Whoever is texting you can wait until later. Focus your energy in the moment when you are spending quality time with your partner.

These tips only work if you implement them daily.

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