Answer by Heather Wilde, CTO of ROCeteer, on Quora:

The first thing I would do is start researching the idea. Whether it is an application, a product, or any kind of new business, you'll need to see if there is someone else doing it already, or who has thought of doing it, and how they've thought of doing it.

If so, is your idea substantially different enough from theirs that you believe you will find a market for it? If not, don't be discouraged; keep thinking until you find a unique value proposition that you can add. When your answer is yes, congratulations, you can move forward.

As you're not technical, you either need to change that about yourself or you need to get in the proximity of people who are. If you want to go the first route, you will need to start studying up on frameworks so you'll know what is the best platform and language for your application. If the second, go to Meetup and find some groups to join in your area where the techie people are hanging out together. Here in Las Vegas, we have a ton of tech get-togethers. There are multiple happenings every day where you can find techie people who will be willing to listen to your idea and help you develop an MVP for it.

As for being able to get funding for an idea, that depends. If your idea is really awesome, and you pitch it well, you may be able to win a pitch competition in an ideation accelerator. You are not at all likely to get big money with just an idea, but you may get enough to build an MVP, which can help you bootstrap a company.

So, my plan of attack is this:

1) Research your idea to test market viability.
2) Attend meetups and become an active participant in your local community. You may not be a techie, but you certainly have skills other people can use.
3) Find a team.
4) Build an MVP.
5) Enter every pitch competition you can find.
6) Ask for mentors and advisors everywhere you can find them.


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