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Answer by Max Lukominskyi, productivity and life hacker, on Quora:

Drifting Along. Being carried along on no particular course is a strong prerequisite for ending up living a miserable life. You have to acknowledge that the life has already begun and it is high time to define your goals and aspire to them. Having an aspiration is crucial. Make decisions, take responsibility and be the one and only who determines the trajectory of your life.

Saying "I Can't" to Everything That Looks Complex. It is not worth anything to say "I don't know" or "I can't". It instantly lets you relax and not put too much effort in dealing with an issue. However, this is not what will take you far from the place you are now. Adopt a habit to accept any challenge no matter how difficult it seems to be. Take some time to figure everything out and get everything right. Persist and you will succeed.

Postponing Life. It is a widespread belief that there will be a second chance to do anything: to ask someone out, to travel, to express your feelings, to start a business, to write a novel ... usually, that chance never comes. Later often means never. If you have a desire and possibility to do something, do it immediately! Do not postpone anything. Live now!

Wasting Time On Social Media. It is a huge source of entertainment. Meanwhile, it is a huge consumer of your most precious asset: time. While social media is responsible for the biggest fraction of time spent on the web by young people, it barely adds any value to personal growth and development. Go offline and use your time wisely.

Stopping Studying. Your college or university was just a warm-up, a light interlude that was meant to teach you how to learn. Your actual studying just starts and it didn't finish after prom party. Acquiring new skills and knowledge is crucial throughout your whole life if you are not willing to be left behind. Remain in constant learning mode and always strive to improve yourself.

Trying to Please Everyone. The desire to be somebody's favorite is inherent in all human beings. However, the truth is there are always people who do not like you and what you do. There are always those who are constantly ready to criticize and hate. Do not let them break you. The attempts to please everyone are worthless. You need to acknowledge this. Stop wasting time on that and be yourself.

Living Fears. Fear is what paralyzes you and stops from taking action. Young people are especially keen on doubting their strengths and being afraid of failure. When it comes to big decisions and risk, there should be less room for hesitation. Believe in your yourself, slay your fears, take action, do the right things and let consequences follow.

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