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  1. Low Tolerance For Other People's Personal Problems - The more productive I become, the less time I spend talking to other people about their problems. It's not that I don't want to help, it's just that I don't have time, and I realize that most people don't want advice--they want someone to listen to their problems and tell them everything is going to be ok.
  2. They've Figured Out Under What Conditions They Work Best - I study and work best in coffee shops. My apartment is a black hole of time, so to be productive I leave the house early and head to my favorite coffee shop to get my work done for the day.
  3. They Cook Their Meals Ahead of Time - I cook all my meals for the week on Sunday,;this allows me to eat healthy, and not waste time during the week cleaning up.
  4. They Are Very Good at Saying "No" - The more productive I am, the more I'm saying "no" to hanging out with friends, "no" to going to bed without finishing my work, "no" to taking an early study break.
  5. They Don't Have FOMO - I've performed standup the last 330+ days this year, and I understood when I embarked on this journey that I wouldn't be able to go out on dates, other functions, parties with friends, etc. But I'm not worried about "missing out." I understand that no matter what I do in life, I will be missing out on something, so I might as well spend that time working towards something that I want.
  6. They Don't Lay in Bed After Their Alarms Go Off - My friend who attended Oxford and the LSE at the same time for grad school literally jumps out of bed when he wakes up in the morning.
  7. They Learn on the Move - There is no reason why you shouldn't be acquiring knowledge while walking or driving.
  8. They Are Part of Mastermind Groups - I have multiple mastermind groups that I am a part of to keep me accountable. You can create one with your friends or try and join one online. It's important to always remind yourself that there are people out there crushing it and they are no different than you.
  9. They Are Committed to a Character - This year I broke the Chicago record for the most standup performances in a month (74) and the record for consecutive days of performance. I have opened for guys off Comedy Central, hosted the most popular open --mics, and now I'm running a show at one of the biggest comedy clubs in the city. This all happened because I told myself "I'm going to do everything that someone who's trying to be a famous standup comedian would do." That was the character I played in 2016, and it has worked well for me.

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