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Answer by Mario Peshev, CEO at DevriX, on Quora:

The best way to deal with a boss who you feel doesn't communicate with you depends on various factors, such as:

  • The personality of your boss
  • The size of your organization
  • The reason you want to communicate with your boss
  • The hierarchy of your company and how close is your boss to your team

Some people are simply more introverted and don't engage in regular conversations. That may be okay as long as it's not a direct manager of yours who is supposed to coach and inspire you and ensure that the heartbeat of the team is in tact.

Larger companies may have management coordinating work between other managers who distribute assignments between clients and team leaders who work closely with the team. Depending on how "high" you want to go (especially in terms of C-level executives in larger organizations), that communication may be less frequent or simply not possible.

If you work in a company that is 200+ people strong and want to directly be in touch with the CEO, then consider what's the purpose of your business contact and what value do you bring to the business. A CEO of a large organization cannot actively engage in all watercooler conversations at the office and juggle with clients, investors, directors and possible partners all day long. Smart and successful CEOs have other channels for monitoring employees through their entrusted managers and leaders and have different communication mediums that could be leveraged by employees eager to grow and bringing fresh ideas on the table.

If you aim for building a strong bond with your direct manager working in a small team (or the founder of a small organization), try to engage and find out what doesn't work. Observe how the manager interacts with others and what are their casual conversations. Is there something that you can contribute to as well? Is there a personality or cultural trend that may be instrumental for a conversation?

If you, for some reason, feel like being isolated on purpose unlike other members of your team, figure out what the reason is or try to discuss it with your boss or someone higher in the hierarchy. If that keeps happening on a regular basis and you don't feel a part of the team culture, consider a career switch to an environment that is looking for your skill set and would be more willing to chat with you a few times a week.

Sometimes there's a gap between the expectations and availability of staff and management. There may be a reason that you can identify yourself or it may simply be a lack of personal fit between folks.

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