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Answer by Hillary Clinton, Senator, Secretary of State, 2016 presidential candidate, on Quora:

Technology is rapidly transforming our economy, and with the right public policies, we can harness American innovation to create good-paying jobs, stay globally competitive, and improve quality of life for all Americans. Here's how I propose we do it:

First, we need to educate and train our workforce for the jobs of the future. As president, I'll build on President Obama's Computer Science Education for All initiative to make sure all public school students can take rigorous computer science and STEM classes. I've proposed a plan to recruit up to 50,000 new computer science teachers in the next decade. I'll expand support for linked-learning and other models that help students develop key skills while they are still in high school. And under my New College Compact, students will have expanded access to federal support for technical skills-training programs. The bottom line is this: Every American of every age should have the chance to get the skills they need to succeed.

We also have to invest in the entrepreneurs and small businesses that drive innovation. I want hubs like Silicon Valley to emerge all over the country, especially in underserved communities. I'm committed to supporting start-up incubators and accelerators, providing tax relief to small businesses, and increasing access to capital--especially for minority- and women-owned small businesses and start-ups. And my tech and innovation plan will let aspiring entrepreneurs put their student-loan debt payments and interest on hold while they get their ventures off the ground.

Finally, it is critical that we strengthen support for scientific and technical research. I'll make dramatic new investments across key government agencies engaging in this groundbreaking work, from the National Institutes of Health to the National Science Foundation to our national labs and more. For example, it's important that we invest in the next generation of wireless networks to support budding technologies that have the potential to create new industries, improve public health and safety, and save lives.

And I'm committed to ramping up our funding for biomedical research and development, including $2 billion per year for Alzheimer's research, which is the amount leading researchers say will be necessary to effectively treat the disease and make a cure possible by 2025. We also need to do much more to support research into clean-energy solutions that can help combat climate change and make America the world's clean energy superpower. We live in a world with so many challenges, but also with unparalleled opportunities to make new discoveries--discoveries that lead to new products, new services, and even new industries that create jobs and make us happier, healthier, and more productive. As president, I will make sure that the United States continues to lead in that effort.

You can read more about my plans to foster innovation and support scientific research--along with my other policy proposals--at Hillary Clinton on the issues.

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