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Answers by Jacob Jaber, CEO of Philz Coffee, on Quora:

A: A culture of effectiveness, entrepreneurship, and challenging norms are some of the key traits of many disruptive companies, and we embody some of those. Everything is done for people at the end of the day, so we don't look at ourselves as being in the coffee business, instead we are in the people business and I believe every company should have that same mindset.

It's critical to know what business you're in and oftentimes, it's not so obvious. For example, one may think a hairstylist is in the business of cutting and styling hair. To me, that's wrong. I believe they are in the business of empowering people through a confidence and rejuvenation. At least that's how I feel after I get a haircut. You can do a lot more in a business that empowers people than in one that cuts/styles hair.

A: Humbling. Tough in some situations because I don't know what I don't know but on the other side of the token beneficial because everything is questioned often leading to better solutions. I have surrounded myself with remarkable people who help me get better. I've learned to be more open and lean on people for thought perspective. This area of development has been instrumental in striking that healthy balance of knowing and knowing.

It's interesting because I'd say this area has translated quite beneficially into our culture. We hire great people some with experience and some little, but all driven to make it great and authentic to the Philz culture.

I'm glad I left college to build Philz because it's the best schooling I had and at the same time I have the amazing opportunity to contribute positively to the world. My journey has just begun, as I see it.

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