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Should I take a dream job offer or work on my startup?

Student Debt: If you have a lot of it, you want to evaluate what your student loan payments will be and how that will impact your business decisions. If you have none it would make it easier to chose the startup option.

Healthcare: If you are here in the good old US of A (or another country without universal healthcare) you will end up paying a lot of money to healthcare and if you have any sort of ongoing illness you should evaluate if you need full-time coverage first. Also keep in mind that if you're not used to working 60 hours per week you will probably be getting sick more from the stress that overwork puts on your body.

Workload: Is this multinational going to give you time to work on your startup? Do you get good time off? Is this more of a 40 hour per week or a 60 hour per week environment?

Long Game: Would this multinational tech company be a good place to recruit new employees to your startup? Would they eventually buy your product? Will they provide training that could benefit your company (and of course that full time job)? You do learn things on the job-so weighing that as a pro and a con would be something to consider.

Family/Friends: Oh those people who care about you and love you so much, they are wonderful... until they're harassing you why you won't get a real job and why you turned down that great offer. Or why they're telling you that you're a poser who gave up on your dream to take a high salary and to eat out at nice restaurants. They do it out of love, and it's unlikely you can stop them, so what is your tolerance for this?

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Published on: Oct 10, 2018