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Let me use this as an opportunity to drop in the full CAPITAL strategy - the backbone of the book:

Consistency - Relationship building pays dividends in the long term, but we often struggle to optimize for anything other than short-term gains. Being intentional around acting repeatedly, regardless of short term outcomes, is fundamental.

Aggregate - Remember when you or your family could track everyone you know in a paper Rolodex by the house phone? Where we communicate, and who we communicate with, is scattered amongst dozens of digital and physical channels. Leveraging a database or not, what's important is to get a single authoritative source of everyone you know or have known - regardless of relevancy.

Prioritize - We tend to bring order to the chaos we see by organizing people into groups with common traits. The best way to focus your limited time and resources, however, is to clearly state your relationship goals, then identify the types of contacts that will best be able to contribute to that.

Investigate - We are in a time where there is more information available about us and our contacts than ever before, but we must learn how to harness that in order to build a relationship. This includes the small talk in a conversation, doing our online research, and referencing the social objects that help bridge the gap between a pure transaction and a personal connection.

Timely Engagement - To combat the time-decay of memory, and therefore relationships, we have to be able to identify cadences or specific triggers that would cause us to engage, while still being perceived as authentic.

Adding Value - No one likes to be "followed up" with - so why would we treat it as that? We all seek valuable personal connections, and the more we are willing to invest (not just monetarily), the more we can increase mindshare.

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Published on: Aug 1, 2019