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I believe that in the next few decades, we will witness a massive change in how people both live and travel. There is so much interesting data to support this -- for example, 75 percent of young professionals in the U.S. are currently seeing business travel as a major work perk, with 65 percent considering it a status symbol. 62 percent of millennials are willing to extend their travel after a business trip to experience local life, and seven in 10 millennial business travelers want to stay in local host rentals because of the experience they provide, and 65 percent of recent Airbnb bookings were in multifamily buildings, not in residential homes.

This all points to a number of major trends, specifically our generation's focus on experiences over possessions and renting over buying --and I'd suggest that our society is entering a new era. This era will be defined by a time when many of us choose to live in semi-serviced spaces, for longer stretches of our lives. I like to think of this change as being so impactful that we might eventually view our current time as the start of the emergence of the "hospitality layer of society."

People will have to weigh the freedom enabled by living in semi-serviced, bespoke spaces in contrast to the traditional home ownership path. This difference will be amplified by the fact that mobile technology (including self-driving cars) will truly cause us to think about where we travel and how we think of the concept of "home."

What if the feeling of home could be in a number of cities? What if hospitality was something you didn't just experience on the weekend when you travel on a trip, but it was something that you experienced every day, as a part of your work and life?

Perhaps in the future, we all might look at one of our biggest purchasing decisions like a home, and choose to live in a more mobile, experience-first and asset-light way. You are going to see that hotel-level of service coming to individuals wherever they stay, which will be personalized, seamless and delightful.

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