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It's an honor to work at SurveyMonkey -- then, now, always. In a way, SurveyMonkey is the perfect embodiment of what Dave was as person -- curious, helpful, easy, approachable, powerful, problem-solving, delightful, effortless. His brother, Rob, likes to say, "Dave cared about people and ideas" (two things that are core to SurveyMonkey). Our mission is to help people make great decisions. Everyone that works here is proud to come to work everyday and build technology that helps people figure out what idea is best -- big or small. That's what excited Dave, and inspires all of us. SurveyMonkey today is fun, challenging and a great place to work. There are many stories and moments of reflection about Dave ... but the place isn't sad. We are inspired by his legacy and excited to carry it to the next level. He'd be upset if we didn't strive for excellence and have a kick-ass time in the journey.

Last summer, one of our engineers, Steve, and his son were in the office, talking about work and Dave. His son suggested that we name our logo "Dave." So we did! Dave's memory and vision lives on.

One thing about a company that is as healthy and successful as SurveyMonkey is that we have many different opportunities ahead. Our cup overfloweth with ideas and shiny objects. The discipline is picking a few and not letting the others distract us. First and foremost our core SurveyMonkey products are some of the most profitable and successful internet subscription products in history ... so we're going to continue to push and innovate (international, mobile, speed).

As far as innovation outside our core, we're focused on building out two major opportunities in front of us. The first one is creating business-grade solutions for customers that allow them to get more/do more with their survey results. A good example of this is TechValidate, a solution we acquired last summer that takes survey results and turns them into content and testimonials that customers can use for marketing, social media and case studies. It's a great example of how technology can automate -- what is today -- a very manual/costly process. We're going to build more solutions like that to serve key departments inside the enterprise. The second opportunity for us is to leverage our scale and the data we're collecting and do something with it. Our first data product was SurveyMonkey Audience, which allowed you to build a dataset based on a panel of respondents. Last year, we launched SurveyMonkey Benchmarks, which lets customers compare their survey data to others. This provides more context to results, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their data.

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Published on: Mar 30, 2016